Practice English with Joy Using!

An app for solo and group practice of English language based on the question-answer model

Designed to help users improve their English conversational skills through thematic questions. It's versatile and can be used both solo or in groups, offline or online. Currently a prototype on Glide, the app is free to use.

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How to use
1. Choose a topic
2. Read the question out loud
3. Answer it in detail as you can
4. Pass the same card to the next one or choose the net question if you practice solo
5. On the next round, the 1st participant takes a new card
6. At the end of the session, thank each other and take a shared selfie with @wewereunited

You can use translators and summaries. The recommended time of one session is 30-45 minutes,

For the greatest effect, it is worth refraining from talking not in the language of your deck.

Comfortable for solo use and group up 5 people
Future Enhancements:
  • 1
    Custom Card Sets
    Create and share your own sets of cards in a dedicated creator’s account.
  • 2
    Rating System
    Earn rewards for answering the most questions.
  • 3
    AI Integration
    Enjoy AI-generated questions and dynamic difficulty control using ChatGPT.
  • 4
    Real-time Updates
    Access the latest questions and tests in real-time.
  • 5
    Creating groups in real time
    Create groups in real time. Add to them the people you are going to practice with. The application itself will moderate the entire session.
  • 6
    Different modes
    Questions, quizzes, show and tell and more!
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